Product Services Terms

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Product defects should be submitted within 10 days of the initial purchase. Product warranty is covered up to 6 months from the initial purchase.

Please contact our Product Services with regards to any of the below.

Services Fee & Courier Fee


Defect on Purchase

Defect during Warranty Period

After Warranty Period

Services Fee



Services Fee

Courier Fee

Aurora World covers both directions

Shipping to Aurora World is covered by the customer, and shipping back to the customer is covered by Aurora World

Customer covers both directions

Exceptions to Free Repair or Replacement

  • Defects or damages after Warranty Period
  • Product damages stemming from intentional destruction, mishandling, and misuse.
  • Willful disassembly of the products for reasons other than battery replacement.
  • Damages due to natural disasters.
  • Product wears after prolonged usage (trading cards and figures)
  • Product purchase records or receipts cannot be located.