Thank you very much for visiting the Aurora World website.

Thank you for visiting Aurora World.

Since 1981, Aurora World has strived to give
the Gift of Smiles to the world for over 40 years.
Aurora World is now a proud leading brand of Korea,
and the global toy industry.

Aurora World's uncompromising aspirations
for product quality and innovative design speak
for themselves with the products found on the shelves
of every retail stores in the world.

On the other hand, Aurora World also created YooHoo,
Korea's number one character, who starred
in the hit animation series "YooHoo & Friends".
Aurora World takes pride in seeing the children grow up with YooHoo.

Aurora World asks creativity, collaborations, and challenge to its employees, and offers family-value, fun, and fantasy to the customers.

These values do not just apply to Aurora World's past and present, but illuminates its road to future.

Aurora World will keep these core values, apply them to accept the paradigm shift in the industry, and emerge as the world leader.
Aurora World promises that it will endeavor to apply sustainable and environmentally conscious values to all of its products, uphold socially responsible businesses, and operate with transparent corporate governance to prove its worth in the new era.