Global Toy Business

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Aurora World owns and operates manufacturing facilities
in three regions for strategic advantage
in the global toy market by producing high quality soft toys.


Aurora World operates out of Bogor and Cianjur regions,
with the combined area of 100,000 square meter and 4,500 employees.
They produce more than 20 million high quality soft toy products
that get delivered to customers all round the world.


Aurora World's own company in Junan region
as well as over 10 key partners in
Nanbang region work with 3,000 employees.
Under strict quality assurance,
they produce more than 10 million
high quality soft toy products.

Quality Assurance

Aurora World's uncompromising product quality comes from our strict assurance codes, as well as highly trained QA groups. Every manufacturing facility houses a dedicated QA experts for education and inspection.

Quality Assurance Process

  • 1st Test

    Material Receiving - Material Inspection

  • 2nd Test

    Textiles Pattern Prep - Pattern Inspection

  • 3rd Test

    Form & Stuffing Inspection

  • 4th Test

    Final Product Inspection

  • 5th Test

    Packaging & Shipping Inspection

Global Quality Certificates